Training wheels and 800 numbers

Wednesday, October 22, 2008 Myron
Anyone who is a parent understands that it isn't piece of cake or a walk in the park, but that it's more like a roller coaster of some fun highs and dreadful lows. The times I get to be super dad while Maritza is away from the house are always an adventure. Yesterday, Maritza took Porter to his gym and then to do some grocery shopping. I decided I wanted to get a project done on the house while she was gone. I've been trying to put up an outside light that shines onto our built-in bbq. During which I hoped the girls would play with neighborhood kids and mostly stay out of the way. Well, one can only hope.

First off, is anyone tired of the political phone call yet? I had one phone receiver with me when a call from an 800 number came through and I assumed it was just another "vote for me" call. I ignored it and let it ring. Jaycie comes running to hand me the phone because the person on the line asked for me by name. I told her hang it up. She replies into the receiver that her daddy says to hang up. She listened to the caller and then hung up. She then turned to me and began to cry and told me that I hurt her feelings and that I was mean for not talking to them. I tried to talk to her and let her know that I don't have to talk to people just because they know my name and are calling our house.

Later, Ellie found me to tell me she needed help with her bike. Some how her training wheel had been bent straight up. Just like any other dad, I stepped on the training wheel and bent it back into place. In doing so a neighbor girl says "Why don't you take them off". This gets into Ellie's mind and once something gets there she's not going to budge until she get's what she wants. I tried to reason with her that I needed to get back to what I was doing and that I didn't have enough time to help her ride the bike without training wheels. Finally, I give in and I take the wheels off. I gave her the basic riding instructions and gave her a push and began to run along side to catch her before she fell. Well, to my amazement so didn't need me to be there. She zoomed up and down the street for nearly and hour and a half with only one little tumble. I never got back to my project, because I felt I should stay out there and help keep an eye out for cars. I guess it'll have to wait until the weekend.

So going one for two as super dad for the night will have to do!

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