Jaycie's school talent show

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For the last few weeks Maritza has been working with Jaycie to prepare for the 3rd Annual Terramar School talent show. To be part of the talent show each student had to try out. They were required to present their talent they had and get approval for their costumes and music before they could be allowed to participate. Jaycie spent time with her teacher's at Academy of Ballet to add a few dance steps to go a long with her singing the song Butterfly, Fly Away. This song is in the Hannah Montana movie and has a strong father/daughter connection which pulls on the heart strings of any good father figure.

Finally on Friday night Jaycie performed her song to a crowd of a couple hundred people. She wasn't nervous and she had a lot of confidence. More confidence then I would have had at her age. She was the 20th act of 21. From my perspective it appeared that the more polished acts were saved for the end of the show as Jaycie was sandwiched between a prodiogy of a piano player and a fiddle act that rivals anything found in Branson, Missouri.

It was a breeze being a proud papa that night. Jaycie has also been asked to perform again, once at a church function and again at her spring dance recital. It's a blast to see her grow and progress in her own talents.

Recap of 2009

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I know this is well past over due, but I have had it done for sometime. Now it's online for all to see ;)

Porter - 2

~ I WANT to do it!...Independent, strong willed

~ Spelunker, climber, diver…you can find me changing my own diaper!

~ Energetic – “Who let me drink a Red Bull?”

~ Arr..I’m a Pirate.

~ I’m Porter-Buzz, to Infinity and Beyond.

~ ’Night mommy and daddy, I wub you.

~ Loves Gymboree class and Gymbo stamps on his belly.

~ Streakier – “Who needs clothes, we live in Arizona!”

Ellie – 5

~ Master of the obvious…”You’re naked!”

~ Gymnast and Do, Rae, Me student

~ Lost her head once, but found it later right where she left it ;)

~ Gives the best “huggies” in the world.

~ Runs the 1st floor dash in 5.5 seconds.

~ In full remission from the “Piggy Flu”

~ Hooked on phonics and pbskids.org

~ Is her sister’s nemesis….bwhaa haaaa

Jaycie – 8

~ Baptized and sings/recites the 13 Articles of Faith

~ Lyrical, Jazz, ballet and cheers her way into your heart

~ Sings in the shower. Sings in the church choir about the Easter flower. Sings in the car. Sings nearby and sings from a far. Sings at the dinner table, and even sings on the toilet when she is able.

~ Loves crafts and creating notes or cards for others

~ Wishes she had a play-date everyday

~ Wants to be “The Mom”, but doesn’t want to have babies…just wants to be in charge.

~ Is her sister’s arch-enemy when she’s not being her best friend

Maritza – 7.5

~ Mommy and other duties as assigned

~ Vacation planner (Knott berry Farms, Disneyland, and Australia)

~ Reigning coupon Queen, ne’r to be removed from her throne

~ Birthday planner and activities coordinator

~ Sock, toy parts, shoe and other small item Finder

~ Gym rat and lookin’ fine Diva

~ Potty Trainer and pant changer

~ Over worked, but never under-loved

Myron – 34

~ Silver Preferred member with US Airways

~ Platinum member with Starwood Hotels

~ Lost one job, quit one job, had one successful year

~ Baptized his first child

~ Flew 58 times (mostly to the same location) and slept in a hotel 81 nights during the year

~ Reunited with high school friends in Sydney, Australia

~ Manages to make ends meet and everyone happy (most of the time)

~ Can be found on Facebook way too often

~ Loves to hear “Daddy, your home” from the kids

Although most of us are more than happy to wish 2009 farewell, and rightfully so, it was a year we will look back at and say that we survived. And more than just surviving, we gained character, we gained strength and we introspectively gained an understanding of ourselves. In early February Myron lost his job with Home Meridian International (the furniture company). As with most companies this year, their sales went flat and revenues dropped dramatically. Difficult decisions were made. We tightened our own belts too and moved on.
Thanks to online networking tools, a new job was found. However, the new job required a large amount of travel, landing Myron in Glendora, California working for CalPortland Cement for most of the year. On the positive side, Myron was home on Fridays. A lot of time was spent with the kids on those days. When school was not in session we were able to have quality time together at a local water park, museum or simply shopping together.
By the end of the year a new LOCAL job was found at Insight in Tempe and although the travel requirement means more time in the car, there will be a whole lot more time at home.
We feel blessed by all that we have been given and the memories we have made this year.

Motorists display Krispy Kreme stickers as mobile ads

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Motorists display Krispy Kreme stickers as mobile ads

So I'm one of these mobile ad Motorists now. Krispy Kreme ads on everyside of the car, minus the trunk. We had gone to the movies around Christmas time and received a flyer on our car for mobile advertising. My driving habits and commute fit into their target market and they approved me for their ads. I figured with driving over 80 miles a day to work and back that this was a great way to subsidize my gas bill and we got some free donuts to boot. I'm sure that this will create more and more mobile advertising. Good or bad? Time will tell I guess.


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This is my first blog via email. So I'm not sure how it is going to look. Anyhow, we had a great week with Ellie turning 5. We took her to the Monsters vs. Aliens movie and had a great time at Pump-it-Up. Happy Birthday Ellie!
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Annual newsletter - 2008 recap

Monday, January 19, 2009 Myron 2 comments
Wow, really? Time for another annual Anderson newsletter? …Okay. Here goes.

Due to the inescapable economic times and a push to be green and further reduce our carbon footprint we are going digital this year. Please don’t be offended by being forced to read our yearly journal entry on-line via our new blogspot blog or electronic version versus an in-your-hand, sent snail-mail hardcopy letter. So here’s our Jamaican me crazy recap.

Porter the Cave Man– 22 Months old

Porter has grown by leaps and bounds this year and has the bumps and bruises to show for it. Porter has truly shown his parents that boys ARE different than girls with his full speed-ahead approach and physical nature. He has learned to count to three and jump from counter tops, stairways and other high perches. We have learned to stay alert and always keep our arms open wide. This year Porter has gotten all his baby teeth in and has an adorable smile (especially when he’s up to no good). He has also found that he gets a lot of attention if he pulls the hair of any unsuspecting girl in the room. Watch out ladies.

Ellie the Gymnast – 4 Years old

Ellie is now in her second year of pre-school attending Mrs. Goodrich’s class down the street. She loves to ride her two wheel bike, which she has recently mastered, to class and back again. She is quickly learning her ABC’s and all the sounds. Ellie began the year attending The Little Gym, but when it went out of business she started classes at Oasis Gymnastics which has a more serious curriculum. She loves doing the Spiderwall and hanging from the bars. When Ellie isn’t tumbling she’s out playing with her friends and letting everyone know she’s 4 years old.

Jaycie the Ballerina – 7 Years old

Jaycie is in the 1st grade this year and her teacher is Mrs. Burke. Jaycie is growing up fast, much to the chagrin of her parents. Jaycie has learned to read so well this year and often demands to do her homework before going to bed each night. Ballet and Jazz dance have continued to be her main afternoon activities, but she has also begun taking piano lessons with recording artist William Joseph. When Jaycie isn’t busy with her planned activities she’s riding her bike, scooter or zooming around on her heelies (shoes with wheels on the heels).

Maritza – 7 * 4 Years old

Maritza and Jaycie have now had the same number of birthdays. Sure is fun to be a leap year baby. In commemoration of the every four year event, Maritza was surprised by friends and family on a complete master bedroom makeover project. She was awoken early in the morning of her birthday and completely occupied the whole day, only to return at nightfall to a newly painted and decorated bedroom. Complete with all new bedroom furniture, bedspread, window coverings and interior designer, Shauna Wright, custom decorations. Ty Pennington and The Extreme Makeover show would have been proud! While not basking in her beautiful new bedroom haven, Maritza continues to rally the kiddos in and out of the mini-van, in and out of the bath, in and out of the bed and off of the counter and each other.

Myron – 33 Years OLD

Myron continues to work for Home Meridian International. His company has gone thru some consolidation during the year and the service organizations from Virginia and Arizona were moved to High Pointe, North Carolina. Lucky for Myron the warehouse and data center are still needed in Phoenix and hasn’t been asked to make any life changing decisions. With the moves to North Carolina, Myron spent a few weeks during the year training new employees and changing current business process to remove waste and increase productivity. In addition to his day job, Myron continues to find and interview prospective tenants for the family rental properties. He’s getting good at creating web pages and marketing thru Craigslist.com and KSL.com.

We’ve had a fun and exciting year as a family. Some of our favorite events and places visited included:

• Preschool field trips for Ellie
• Master bedroom makeover surprise for Maritza’s birthday
• Work trip to High Point, NC for Myron
• 10 year Anniversary trip to Jamaica
• Interior of home repainted
• Terramar Elementary Carnival for Jaycie
• Preschool Graduation for Ellie
• Gymboree gymnastics for Porter
• Little Gym presentation by Ellie
• Jaycie’s ballet and jazz dance recitals
• Summer fun at Water World
• Family trip to Huntington Beach, CA
• Myron’s 15 year High School Reunion
• Visiting with Sister Bethany Anderson on her mission in St. George, Ut
• Hiking Sunshine Mountain near Morejon’s new home
• Attending Chase Leavitt’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor
• Family trip Payson and Salt Lake City

Thanks for sharing in our year in review and we hope you have a year filled with great times and great memories.

Love the Andersons (Myron, Maritza, Jaycie, Ellie and Porter)

Training wheels and 800 numbers

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Anyone who is a parent understands that it isn't piece of cake or a walk in the park, but that it's more like a roller coaster of some fun highs and dreadful lows. The times I get to be super dad while Maritza is away from the house are always an adventure. Yesterday, Maritza took Porter to his gym and then to do some grocery shopping. I decided I wanted to get a project done on the house while she was gone. I've been trying to put up an outside light that shines onto our built-in bbq. During which I hoped the girls would play with neighborhood kids and mostly stay out of the way. Well, one can only hope.

First off, is anyone tired of the political phone call yet? I had one phone receiver with me when a call from an 800 number came through and I assumed it was just another "vote for me" call. I ignored it and let it ring. Jaycie comes running to hand me the phone because the person on the line asked for me by name. I told her hang it up. She replies into the receiver that her daddy says to hang up. She listened to the caller and then hung up. She then turned to me and began to cry and told me that I hurt her feelings and that I was mean for not talking to them. I tried to talk to her and let her know that I don't have to talk to people just because they know my name and are calling our house.

Later, Ellie found me to tell me she needed help with her bike. Some how her training wheel had been bent straight up. Just like any other dad, I stepped on the training wheel and bent it back into place. In doing so a neighbor girl says "Why don't you take them off". This gets into Ellie's mind and once something gets there she's not going to budge until she get's what she wants. I tried to reason with her that I needed to get back to what I was doing and that I didn't have enough time to help her ride the bike without training wheels. Finally, I give in and I take the wheels off. I gave her the basic riding instructions and gave her a push and began to run along side to catch her before she fell. Well, to my amazement so didn't need me to be there. She zoomed up and down the street for nearly and hour and a half with only one little tumble. I never got back to my project, because I felt I should stay out there and help keep an eye out for cars. I guess it'll have to wait until the weekend.

So going one for two as super dad for the night will have to do!

Hiking Sunshine Mountain

Sunday, October 19, 2008 Myron 1 comments

We are not outdoorsy type people so any activity that gets us into the thicket of nature is a real accomplishment. Tutti and Papi Morejon recently moved into a neighborhood that has some great trails nearby. So this last Saturday, after all our weekend chores we completed, we hiked a little trail on Sunshine Mountain. Now, there are no real mountains in the Phoenix area. This is solely my opinion yet substantiated with my childhood memories of growing up on the foothills of the Wasatch front in North Salt Lake City. It was a great little hike and the kids had a great time. I think it was fun educating them on the wildlife and telling them the names of all the various types of cacti along the way.