Jaycie's school talent show

Sunday, April 11, 2010 Myron

For the last few weeks Maritza has been working with Jaycie to prepare for the 3rd Annual Terramar School talent show. To be part of the talent show each student had to try out. They were required to present their talent they had and get approval for their costumes and music before they could be allowed to participate. Jaycie spent time with her teacher's at Academy of Ballet to add a few dance steps to go a long with her singing the song Butterfly, Fly Away. This song is in the Hannah Montana movie and has a strong father/daughter connection which pulls on the heart strings of any good father figure.

Finally on Friday night Jaycie performed her song to a crowd of a couple hundred people. She wasn't nervous and she had a lot of confidence. More confidence then I would have had at her age. She was the 20th act of 21. From my perspective it appeared that the more polished acts were saved for the end of the show as Jaycie was sandwiched between a prodiogy of a piano player and a fiddle act that rivals anything found in Branson, Missouri.

It was a breeze being a proud papa that night. Jaycie has also been asked to perform again, once at a church function and again at her spring dance recital. It's a blast to see her grow and progress in her own talents.

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