Recap of 2009

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 Myron
I know this is well past over due, but I have had it done for sometime. Now it's online for all to see ;)

Porter - 2

~ I WANT to do it!...Independent, strong willed

~ Spelunker, climber, diver…you can find me changing my own diaper!

~ Energetic – “Who let me drink a Red Bull?”

~ Arr..I’m a Pirate.

~ I’m Porter-Buzz, to Infinity and Beyond.

~ ’Night mommy and daddy, I wub you.

~ Loves Gymboree class and Gymbo stamps on his belly.

~ Streakier – “Who needs clothes, we live in Arizona!”

Ellie – 5

~ Master of the obvious…”You’re naked!”

~ Gymnast and Do, Rae, Me student

~ Lost her head once, but found it later right where she left it ;)

~ Gives the best “huggies” in the world.

~ Runs the 1st floor dash in 5.5 seconds.

~ In full remission from the “Piggy Flu”

~ Hooked on phonics and

~ Is her sister’s nemesis….bwhaa haaaa

Jaycie – 8

~ Baptized and sings/recites the 13 Articles of Faith

~ Lyrical, Jazz, ballet and cheers her way into your heart

~ Sings in the shower. Sings in the church choir about the Easter flower. Sings in the car. Sings nearby and sings from a far. Sings at the dinner table, and even sings on the toilet when she is able.

~ Loves crafts and creating notes or cards for others

~ Wishes she had a play-date everyday

~ Wants to be “The Mom”, but doesn’t want to have babies…just wants to be in charge.

~ Is her sister’s arch-enemy when she’s not being her best friend

Maritza – 7.5

~ Mommy and other duties as assigned

~ Vacation planner (Knott berry Farms, Disneyland, and Australia)

~ Reigning coupon Queen, ne’r to be removed from her throne

~ Birthday planner and activities coordinator

~ Sock, toy parts, shoe and other small item Finder

~ Gym rat and lookin’ fine Diva

~ Potty Trainer and pant changer

~ Over worked, but never under-loved

Myron – 34

~ Silver Preferred member with US Airways

~ Platinum member with Starwood Hotels

~ Lost one job, quit one job, had one successful year

~ Baptized his first child

~ Flew 58 times (mostly to the same location) and slept in a hotel 81 nights during the year

~ Reunited with high school friends in Sydney, Australia

~ Manages to make ends meet and everyone happy (most of the time)

~ Can be found on Facebook way too often

~ Loves to hear “Daddy, your home” from the kids

Although most of us are more than happy to wish 2009 farewell, and rightfully so, it was a year we will look back at and say that we survived. And more than just surviving, we gained character, we gained strength and we introspectively gained an understanding of ourselves. In early February Myron lost his job with Home Meridian International (the furniture company). As with most companies this year, their sales went flat and revenues dropped dramatically. Difficult decisions were made. We tightened our own belts too and moved on.
Thanks to online networking tools, a new job was found. However, the new job required a large amount of travel, landing Myron in Glendora, California working for CalPortland Cement for most of the year. On the positive side, Myron was home on Fridays. A lot of time was spent with the kids on those days. When school was not in session we were able to have quality time together at a local water park, museum or simply shopping together.
By the end of the year a new LOCAL job was found at Insight in Tempe and although the travel requirement means more time in the car, there will be a whole lot more time at home.
We feel blessed by all that we have been given and the memories we have made this year.

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