Annual newsletter - 2008 recap

Monday, January 19, 2009 Myron
Wow, really? Time for another annual Anderson newsletter? …Okay. Here goes.

Due to the inescapable economic times and a push to be green and further reduce our carbon footprint we are going digital this year. Please don’t be offended by being forced to read our yearly journal entry on-line via our new blogspot blog or electronic version versus an in-your-hand, sent snail-mail hardcopy letter. So here’s our Jamaican me crazy recap.

Porter the Cave Man– 22 Months old

Porter has grown by leaps and bounds this year and has the bumps and bruises to show for it. Porter has truly shown his parents that boys ARE different than girls with his full speed-ahead approach and physical nature. He has learned to count to three and jump from counter tops, stairways and other high perches. We have learned to stay alert and always keep our arms open wide. This year Porter has gotten all his baby teeth in and has an adorable smile (especially when he’s up to no good). He has also found that he gets a lot of attention if he pulls the hair of any unsuspecting girl in the room. Watch out ladies.

Ellie the Gymnast – 4 Years old

Ellie is now in her second year of pre-school attending Mrs. Goodrich’s class down the street. She loves to ride her two wheel bike, which she has recently mastered, to class and back again. She is quickly learning her ABC’s and all the sounds. Ellie began the year attending The Little Gym, but when it went out of business she started classes at Oasis Gymnastics which has a more serious curriculum. She loves doing the Spiderwall and hanging from the bars. When Ellie isn’t tumbling she’s out playing with her friends and letting everyone know she’s 4 years old.

Jaycie the Ballerina – 7 Years old

Jaycie is in the 1st grade this year and her teacher is Mrs. Burke. Jaycie is growing up fast, much to the chagrin of her parents. Jaycie has learned to read so well this year and often demands to do her homework before going to bed each night. Ballet and Jazz dance have continued to be her main afternoon activities, but she has also begun taking piano lessons with recording artist William Joseph. When Jaycie isn’t busy with her planned activities she’s riding her bike, scooter or zooming around on her heelies (shoes with wheels on the heels).

Maritza – 7 * 4 Years old

Maritza and Jaycie have now had the same number of birthdays. Sure is fun to be a leap year baby. In commemoration of the every four year event, Maritza was surprised by friends and family on a complete master bedroom makeover project. She was awoken early in the morning of her birthday and completely occupied the whole day, only to return at nightfall to a newly painted and decorated bedroom. Complete with all new bedroom furniture, bedspread, window coverings and interior designer, Shauna Wright, custom decorations. Ty Pennington and The Extreme Makeover show would have been proud! While not basking in her beautiful new bedroom haven, Maritza continues to rally the kiddos in and out of the mini-van, in and out of the bath, in and out of the bed and off of the counter and each other.

Myron – 33 Years OLD

Myron continues to work for Home Meridian International. His company has gone thru some consolidation during the year and the service organizations from Virginia and Arizona were moved to High Pointe, North Carolina. Lucky for Myron the warehouse and data center are still needed in Phoenix and hasn’t been asked to make any life changing decisions. With the moves to North Carolina, Myron spent a few weeks during the year training new employees and changing current business process to remove waste and increase productivity. In addition to his day job, Myron continues to find and interview prospective tenants for the family rental properties. He’s getting good at creating web pages and marketing thru and

We’ve had a fun and exciting year as a family. Some of our favorite events and places visited included:

• Preschool field trips for Ellie
• Master bedroom makeover surprise for Maritza’s birthday
• Work trip to High Point, NC for Myron
• 10 year Anniversary trip to Jamaica
• Interior of home repainted
• Terramar Elementary Carnival for Jaycie
• Preschool Graduation for Ellie
• Gymboree gymnastics for Porter
• Little Gym presentation by Ellie
• Jaycie’s ballet and jazz dance recitals
• Summer fun at Water World
• Family trip to Huntington Beach, CA
• Myron’s 15 year High School Reunion
• Visiting with Sister Bethany Anderson on her mission in St. George, Ut
• Hiking Sunshine Mountain near Morejon’s new home
• Attending Chase Leavitt’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor
• Family trip Payson and Salt Lake City

Thanks for sharing in our year in review and we hope you have a year filled with great times and great memories.

Love the Andersons (Myron, Maritza, Jaycie, Ellie and Porter)

2 comments: Annual newsletter - 2008 recap

Erin said...
January 20, 2009 at 10:16 PM

I was wondering where your annual letter was! :) Loved the recap...especially hearing about the bedroom makeover. SO FUN! What a neat present. You'll have to post before and after pictures sometime. Your kids are darling...glad you guys are doing well!

Ashley said...
January 21, 2009 at 4:51 PM

Wow sounds like your family had a fun and busy year! Your kids are so cute and are getting so big. I hope 2009 is even better for your family.